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Crypto Currency

Import DeFi and Uniswap transactions to BearTax using Zerion

Crypto Currency

Import DeFi and Uniswap transactions to BearTax using Zerion

Crypto Currency

Import DeFi and Uniswap transactions to BearTax using Zerion

DeFi transactions and Taxes

DeFi is a brilliant solution to properly decentralizing virtual currencies. It takes away the human involvement from your trades so all that remains is you, the market, and the interface.

And now with BearTax, you can plug your DeFi portfolio into an easy-to-use tax interface to file the exact taxes you owe, and not a penny more. For more information on what constitutes cryptocurrency taxation, you can read Our Simple Guide to Crypto Taxes

What is Zerion

Zerion is one of the best places to manage a DeFi portfolio. Its award-winning investment interface lets you manage your entire portfolio in a non-custodial way. Meaning, no third party has access to your trades or transactions.

Importing your DeFi transactions into BearTax

Importing the DeFi transactions done on Uniswap, 1Inch, Matcha or other decentralized exchanges through into BearTax is really simple using a tool called Zerion.

Step 1

Open up the following URL in your browser. It doesn’t need any signup – you just open that platform and enter your address or you can directly replace your address in this URL and hit it<youraddress>/history

Step 2

You can see the list of your transactions in a nice and tidy format. This helps you to navigate through your crazy transactions done in DeFi world and also can download it. You see a button “Download CSV” – Click it to download a CSV file with history.

Step 3

Upload it on “Import transactions” screen of BearTax using the button “Zerion” on the import panel.

upload Zerion

Tip: You can search for ‘Zerion’ using the search bar at the top.

search bar

Step 4

That should bring your trades along with fees to BearTax and ready for gain/loss calculation.

Congratulations! Your trades are imported into BearTax. All you need to do now is review your trades and download your autogenerated tax documents from the BearTax interface.

BearTax is a great utility for the experienced trader to file all their crypto trades and pay exactly what they owe. We support over 70 exchanges and trading platforms. You can even generate over 15 different types of income reports for free, and get CPA support for complex tax filing cases with BearTax Ultimate.

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