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Goodbye BearTax, Hello Fyn


Goodbye BearTax, Hello Fyn


Goodbye BearTax, Hello Fyn

With the launch of our new website, cryptocurrency investors and enterprises have an improved resource to make taxes more accessible. The website offers a simple and straightforward way to file taxes on cryptocurrency and web3 assets, making it easier than ever before to stay compliant with shifting and budding regulations.

Since our inception, we've been utterly dedicated to creating an accessible and comprehensive experience around crypto taxes and crypto tax filing. As a brand, we've found ourselves at the helm of the crypto tax filing conversation- one that, unbeknownst to the common investor, is far unlike any other tax filing process. These new waters of the web3 world have come with a lack of clarity on how our current and long-standing financial institutions may or may not change. This creates something of a white-capped expedition for those curious enough to venture into new investments.

This boom of "crypto curiosity" has bred a plethora of not only new types of financial transactions, but new platforms and brands with open arms and the intention to help make sense of every stage in the cryptocurrency investment funnel.

Identifying A Gap

With all this excitement, the only totally unturned question was, "how do we pay taxes in web3?" We identified early that there was a missing component to this new system, an integral part of the investor's journey that was being ignored in cryptocurrency. With this, we set out to develop a solution to both empower the end-user and make partners of those brands in the space that make investment in crypto and web3 possible and at all.

Regardless of which, our dedication has always been to be an ally and collaborator to those making use of our platforms.

Our New Home

Our new website is a reflection of that dedication.

The world of web3 is moving with swiftness and efficiency, thus creating a demand for the same urgency from web3 brands. Our response to this ever-changing climate has involved a multifaceted approach, with emphasis not just on the current and future swim lanes that cryptocurrency has cut out, but the acknowledgement of our past financial systems that still remain a large, founding piece of the current whole.

In rebranding our site, we’ve made a number of changes in our aesthetic and presentation, mostly to evoke the sense of camaraderie and friendship to those making use of our product.

And with this emphasis of our central ethos, we’ve also given our platform’s overall functionality and offering a significant tune up.

An Ideal Place For Partners

While a majority focus for our product offering has been to ultimately service the independent crypto investor, we’ve evolved to create a platform that speaks to our abilities as accounting and enterprise partners as well.

We’ve focused a ton on creating an all-around seamless integration for partners by putting great emphasis on a number of key features.

API & Integration

A big part of becoming wholly accessible is being able to offer seamless integration. In providing multiple APIs, we’re able to service multiple integration strategies for our enterprise-level partners and empower them to provide more to more diverse audiences.

International Dominance

It’s clear that the web3 economy is a global one. Our focus on global support has far out-developed our initial offerings with a number of newly integrated international markets.

Commercial Options of Every Size

As seasoned veterans in the web3 world, we’re very much aware of the diversity in size and developing stages of web3 commercial entities. We also acknowledge our emphasis on accessibility lies also with our partners of all sizes. With this, we’ve added flexible options to support the broad spectrum of web3 businesses, from our free transactions API to premium data products.

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